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AFECA AGM 2017 - Travel Info of South Taiwan


Dear member,

AFECA holds its Annual General Meeting, and many other meetings year long. The limited special edition eNewsletter provides practical and travel information on upcoming meetings and its location, and is available to Board and Advisory Council members only.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held from September 5th to 6th in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Located in the heart of southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung and its surrounding areas provide many tourism opportunities. In addition to Kaohsiung itself, cities such as Tainan and Pingtung are within an hour away, and all have their own unique aspects that annually attract tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world to their tourist attractions.

Special links to the Tourism Bureau of Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung are provided within the special eNewsletter (…). In addition to the Annual General Meeting, I also encourage all members to plan a trip around southern Taiwan and understand the rich history of Tainan, the hustle and bustle of Kaohsiung, the seaside resorts of Pingtung, and much more.

Plan your trip today, and don’t forget to attend the Annual General Meeting with all other fellow AFECA members!

I look forward to welcoming everyone to Kaohsiung, and hear the stories about your journey around southern Taiwan. For travel information of South Taiwan you may visit:… or the links below, for more details.

* Kaohsiung Travel Guide 1…

* Kaohsiung Travel Guide 2…

* Tainan Travel Guide 1…

* Tainan Travel Guide 2…

* North PingTung Travel Guide…

* South PingTung Travel Guide…


Walter Yeh
President of AFECA

** Special thanks for Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau, PingTung Tourism Bureau and Tainan Tourism Bureau.

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