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Zhuhai Association of Convention, Exhibition & Tourism (ZACET)


Address: 604,No.1, Jiuzhou Lane2, Jiuzhou Avenue, Zhuhai City
Tel: +86 756 3376331
Fax: +86 756 3376331

Contact Person: Xinhui Cai, Secretary General ZACET

About the Association

Zhuhai Association of Convention, Exhibition & Tourism(ZACET) is a sector association and a non-profit social organization that was steered by relevant government departments of Zhuhai Municipality and officially founded in May, 2013.It was sponsored by Zhuhai Airshow Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Cross Gate Central Business District Construction Holding Co., Ltd., Zhuhai HUAFA Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Recycling Times Media Corporation, Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort (OSR),China Travel Service Gongbei Port Guangdong, Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. and School of Tourism Management of Sun Yat-Sen University. The membership covers companies providing services related to organizing and hosting exhibitions and conventions, exhibition halls, academic groups, information query, booth construction and transportation, as well as businesses related to cultural creativity, ad making and releasing, travel agencies, hotels and dining.

With Zhuhai Convention and Expo. Bureau (ZCEB) at the helm, ZACET has been serving as a bridge to connect businesses by holding a number of exhibitions ever since its establishment. To cultivate talents in the trade, it has invited experts to give over 20 training courses. Entrusted by ZCEB, it has navigated the exhibition statistical work and research work in the whole city. It also takes charge of the filing and verification work of exhibition projects in Zhuhai, assists ZCEB with exhibition confirmation, and the appraisal of the funded projects plus the exhibition projects. ZACET is always committed to becoming a booster for the trade, a good adviser for policy-making and a catalyst for the sustainable development of Zhuhai’s convention, exhibition and tourism.

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