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China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair (CDATF) wins 2018 Outstanding Trade Exhibition Award at AFECA Asian Awards


2018 Outstanding Trade Exhibition Award
China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair (CDATF)
3rd Place

ABOUT China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair (CDATF)

China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair, known as CDATF, was first held in
1953. After evolving for more than 60 years, CDATF has become a
professional B2B platform, gathering domestic and international brands
in general merchandise industry. CDATF is a three-day event with non-
stop product showcases and targeted launches. Each year, thousands of
products are showcased in Shanghai by over 2,000 manufacturers and
suppliers, spanning 170,000 square meters. Over 70,000 professional
buyers are attracted from 40 countries and regions to the fairgrounds.

Besides buyers in traditional channels (domestic dealers, agents,
wholesalers, supermarkets and department stores), the latest show (112th
CDATF) also intends to attract buyers from E-commerce and other
channels to stimulate suppliers’ sales force. CDATF is a truly feast for
exhibitors to expand cooperation, exchange thoughts on industry trend
and acquire valuable information through a great variety of concurrent

About Reed Huabai Exhibitions

Reed Huabai Exhibitions is a JV company of Reed Exhibitions Greater
China. Its subordinate exhibition brand, ‘China Daily-use Articles Trade
Fair & China Modern Home Expo’, has been hold successfully for 112
editions. Reed Huabai Exhibitions aims to build a world-class trade show
and a comprehensive sourcing platform to boost the industry growth and
the market development. By integrating resource accumulated in the
show, Reed Huabai may have profound influence on the general
merchandise industry.


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