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TAITRA committed to safeguard event and exhibition participants at all venues


TAITRA committed to safeguard event and exhibition participants at all venues

In response to the global covid-19 outbreak, Taiwan took comprehensive and effective measures to protect the health of the public. Taiwan was among the first countries to take early measures to prevent the virus from spreading. In curbing the virus early on, so far a total of 31 cases have been identified, all of which were imported or close contact cases. The risk of infection to international travelers on the island is considered low to minimal.

TAITRA is conducting all events in full and stringent compliance with health and safety regulations. Full measures to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors are being enforced at all TAITRA venues, including Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 & Hall 2 (TaiNEX 1&2), and Taipei International Conference Center (TICC).

The specific measures include:
Visitors body temperature control
 All visitors (including exhibition workers to the loading docks or parking areas) entering the venues, will have their temperature checked for signs of fever, with infrared thermometer or be guided to go through fully-automatic infrared thermal imaging sensors.
● Those who have fevers are not allowed to enter the venues.

At the venues
● Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available at every entry as well as needed areas.
● Elevators and escalators are sanitized daily, and floor, toilets, corridors, public areas, and air-conditioned rooms are disinfected with diluted bleach or alcohol water every week.
● Forced air circulation three times a day to increase indoor air ventilation and accelerate air circulation inside the venues.
● Epidemic prevention information or notice board is placed or broadcasted on the display panels for visitors.

Organizer staff
● All staff encountering visitors must implement self -health management and have their temperature taken every day, and wear facemasks while working.
● During large events, extra staff are sent for checkpoints at the entrances, exits, and needed areas for anti-epidemic prevention services.

Participant and visitor health
● When attending events, all are advised to wear masks and wash their hands or disinfect their hands frequently with hand sanitizer. If a visitor’s temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, they can receive on-site assistance immediately.

● At large tradeshows, medical staff are stationed nearby.
● Anyone displaying symptoms of the novel coronavirus – or any other disease or illness – can expect the highest standards of medical assistance from Taiwan’s world leading healthcare and medical system.

TAITRA is actively implementing all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors. International visitors can rest assured when visiting Taiwan for events. TAITRA’s overseas offices are ready to assist with all related inquiries.

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