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Lesson from Wuhan: MICE can make a difference in fighting the epidemic


Lesson from Wuhan: MICE can make a difference in fighting the epidemic

People nationwide are standing united as the epidemic evolves, and the final victory has become a foregone conclusion. In face of the epidemic, China mobilized the strength of the whole country to race against the clock to assist Hubei. During the battle, the arrival of a great number of medical staff in Hubei in a short time posed challenges for the logistics management services. The grass-roots managers temporarily mobilized by the government. For lack of task implementation experience in specific scenarios, the shortcomings in transportation, accommodation, catering, materials and other logistics arrangements for medical teams were laid bare in the tense frontline of fighting the epidemic. The epidemic is a battlefield, and every second counts. At this critical juncture, the participation of professionals in the MICE industry addresses the immediate difficulties.


The routine work of the MICE industry is to receive multiple batches and large-size teams. It is their basic skills to properly arrange the accurate distribution of documents, clothing and other materials. They master everything from pick-up to ground transportation, from room assignment to catering arrangement, and from baggage storage and transfer to team coordination. The business format of the MICE industry seals the feature of MICE companies as precise logistics management machines, and their routine work in the past has trained the ability of persons engaged in MICE to plan, coordinate and execute in an orderly manner in the face of crisis.


MICE companies nationwide stopped working due to a business shutdown as a result of the epidemic, which is a huge waste of resources for the battle against the epidemic. At ordinary times, MICE companies act as strong backing to ensure the smooth implementation of various large-scale conferences, exhibitions and corporate travel. Now comes the time to contribute the professional strength of MICE industry to the society! If the government mobilizes MICE companies and personnel to join the battle against the epidemic, the logistics of the battle situation will be significantly improved: staff providing medical aid will be properly received throughout the process; materials will be properly classified, kept and accurately distributed; the production, delivery and distribution of temporary materials will be carried out in an orderly manner; data statistics and data reports can be handled by special teams; the organization and coordination of meetings for the battle will be provided with professional services; most of the sudden needs related to personnel and materials will gain sufficient executive force. MICE forces can give full play to the advantages of the industry in the fight against the epidemic and contribute to winning the fight!


Original article from: XMCEA

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