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To fight the pandemic and resume production


To fight the pandemic and resume production, new technology is adopted in the innovation of exhibition service mode for Xiamen convention and exhibition industry

2020/6/29 Source : XMCEA

Stricken by the COVID-19 outbreak, China suffers a nationwide shutdown in the convention and exhibition industry. Same as other cities across the country, Xiamen’s main exhibition projects in the first half of the year have been canceled or postponed, affecting the enterprises involved in the MICE industry chain. As the fluctuation of the epidemic situation at home and abroad, enterprises face continuous pressure of no projects, few projects, no cash flow and team brain drain. How do MICE enterprises tide over the difficulties and combine the normalization of epidemic prevention and control with promoting the resumption and recovery becomes the essence.

Since March, Xiamen MICE industry has set off a wave of seeking benefits and striving for survival and development with technology under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee’s call for innovating exhibition service mode.

The end of April witnessed China’s first online art fair launched by Art Xiamen Expo, which broke the time and space limitations of traditional offline art exhibitions, gaining over 44,000 views on the first day. In the same month, Inter-Water China officially unveiled the online exhibition, which caught more than 20,000 followers in one week. In May, the Cloud Xiamen Buddha Fair kicked off, which showed the manufacturing process of Buddha statues, Buddhist knowledge and the intangible cultural heritage Silver-inlaid Black Copper through online display and live broadcast. This five-day exhibition attracted over 70,000 visitors and nearly 40,000 live views. Xiamen Intop Exhibition Co., Ltd. launched “Yingzhanbao” data packet during the outbreak by virtue of its resources and channel advantages accumulated for many years. “Yingzhanbao” data packet enables users to accurately connect to target customer resources by paying a small fee, which shortens the distance between enterprises at home and suppliers and buyers abroad, and helps enterprises achieve efficient digital marketing. Xiamen C&T Travel International Convention and Exhibition Group Media Co., Ltd. independently developed and launched the “C&T Enjoy Travel and Life”, a one-stop purchasing platform integrating tourism services, souvenirs, high-quality food, etc., with more than 1,000 types of products settled in one month. The Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair kicked off on June 6, participated by more than 2,000 domestic and foreign high-quality enterprises from 57 countries and regions. The professional merchants, trade associations and cooperative media from 148 countries and regions around the world became the information source and powerful platform for driving the traffic of physical exhibitions. The West-Taiwan-Strait Auto Expo 2020 pushed forward digital and intelligent upgrading, explored exhibition innovation under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and created an offline and online auto expo. The preparation of the Cloud CIFIT is in fullswing, which may debut ahead of schedule before September 8 this year. There are also some enterprises making strenuous efforts and taking positive actions to increase the integration of technology and physical exhibitions, and strive for breakthroughs.

Original article is from Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association (XMCEA)

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