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Digital & Innovation Food for Thought – Article 4


While you embrace 5G, it’s time we welcome 6G!

About the Author:
Jason Lim
C.I.S Network Sdn Bhd

As most developed countries begin their roll out plan for 5G infrastructure, another part of the world is making a new breakthrough with a new 6G development.

Say what? Yes, you’ve heard me right.

According to a recent report dated January this year, a Chinese Lab has had their scientists and engineers successfully testing the sixth generation (6G)-oriented wireless transmission – the world’s fastest real-time transmission for terahertz wireless communication (THz) with a lightning speed of over 200 Gbps (gigabits per second) real-time THz.

Imagine the things we’ve heard about 5G, now multiply that speed by 20 times and an industry looking to expand its new bands of spectrum comparable to a fibre landline connection that operates on a terahertz spectrum that is 1,000 times faster than the gigahertz!

Now that’s Jaw dropping!?

So, how does this neck-breaking speed matter to us? – you may ask.

With technologies and connectivity being the central necessity today, can you imagine how much more can be made possible, if the infrastructure we have today, provides not just SPEED but a network that potentially bridges you between a physical and digital world.

Think, augmented reality demos that we see in the movie. Like Free Guy. And the next burning question for us to ponder on would probably be (and not limited to the below):
• How can this new technology be applied in the world of exhibitions?
• What is needed from all the stakeholders in our industry so that we can reap the benefits once the infrastructure is rolled out?

While we look forward to being in physical events especially post-pandemic, the world is also gearing towards a more digital-led experience. Be it virtual or even a metaverse-like event, the support from a 5G and 6G infrastructure can greatly set a strong foundation for such an event to happen.

Can you imagine? If one day, we are picked up by a self-flying drone. Only to be greeted by an AI-powered Alita at the registration counter. We then get teleported by an augmented reality spectacle before entering the exhibition hall to meet an old friend dressed in a virtual avatar through another augmented reality lens. After which, we leave the event with all the materials from our business partners which we’ve just met through a secured and trackable blockchain-powered application.

All of this, only to realise that we’ve actually never even left our home?

Now, that’s a wow-factor!

While all of these may look fun and exciting, we should also look at another side of the equation too.
• Are venue operators ready to make investments to become a 6G-powered venue provider?
• Are exhibitors ready to pay the extra loading for an extravagant speed and platform to host such an event that will potentially elevate the visitor’s experience?

These are some of the more common questions as new technologies are introduced. However, it’s never too early to think ahead as the early bird to new technologies may just catch a worm to a larger experience…

*This article is written solely from the personal view of the author

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