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How are millennials influencing meetings?


Creating memorable individual experiences and personal development are critical factors for venues and meeting planners to consider, according to the latest IACC ‘Meeting Room of the Future’ white paper.

The 2017 report, which surveyed 180 global conference and meeting buyers, highlighted a greater focus on creating personal meeting experiences, where delegates have more time for creative thinking, networking and collaboration.

IACC CEO, Mark Cooper, says: “It is clear from our latest report that the format and content of our meetings is being influenced by tech-savvy younger generations who are looking for a more individual approached to meetings.

“Delegates want a more memorable experience directly relevant to them and their own personal development with a degree of flexibility in terms of the way they interact with the meeting and the content they take away.”

While a rise in interactive technology is driving a more flexible approach to meeting attendance, close to 20 per cent of meeting planners report that in the next five years, they expect increased pressure to stay ahead of the curve by integrating the latest, greatest technology.

IACC president and CEO of Benchmark, Alex Cabañas, says: “In a technology laden world where our heads are down looking at screens more often then up looking at faces, memorable and inspiring face-to-face meetings are required to get attendees attention and participation.”

Content and educational objectives of meetings remain critical for meeting planners, but personal development has gained traction in the past five years and is expected to increase. The industry is moving into an environment where delegates and attendees are looking for a personal experience, personal service, and content delivered based
 on personal preferences.

The report also references Adam Lanteigne, product marketing manager at Microsoft, who believes the above trends signal a need for less productivity and more creativity in the meeting industry.

The IACC Meeting Room of the Future initiative aims is to identify new and emerging trends within the global meeting and conference industry, as well as predict the landscape of the industry over the next three to five years.

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