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[2017 AFECA Asian Awards Winners] Outstanding Service Award 2nd Place_SAKURA International Inc.


[2017 AFECA Asian Awards Winners]

Outstanding Service Award
2nd Place

SAKURA International Inc.

● Message:

On behalf of Sakura International, allow me to convey our appreciation and thanks to AFECA to be recognized at the AFECA Asian Awards. It is a great honour to receive an Outstanding Service Award. I would like to dedicate this to our in-house Organiser Support, Logistics, Production, Design and Sales teams who worked so hard on the Gastech Japan project. To produce an event of this scale with an overseas-based organizer requires experience, connections, know-how and an ability to work effectively with multiple parties despite cultural and language differences. The successful delivery of this event demonstrates our commitment to these goals.

● About SAKURA International Inc.:

Sakura International is Japan’s premiere international event producer. Established in 1980, we have over 35 years experience working in the MICE industry. Headquartered in Osaka, we now have offices in Tokyo and factories in Nara and Saitama in Japan. We now have over 200 fulltime employees including 30 non-Japanese nationals and 70 English-speaking Japanese staff. This means we can deal with international agencies and organisers directly to help produce their events in Japan.
As a full-service event producer we have design, production, event and secretariat teams in-house to
ensure cost and quality control. With overseas offices in Las Vegas and New Delhi and partners worldwide we can produce anywhere and anytime.

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