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Invitation for Asian Universities MICE Education & Cooperation Forum 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,


President Zheng Zhi of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Association (XMCEA) recently sent a formal invitation to AFECA, inviting all the universities of AFECA Youth Challenge to attend and present at the Asian Universities MICE Education & Cooperation Forum 2017 in Xiamen. The forum is scheduled to take place from November 6th to 9th. As one of the hosts of the forum, your presence can add further discussion perspectives among the attendees. Attached are the invitation, schedule of events and a registration form for your reference. Please note that, as mentioned in the invitation letter, forum host XMCEA will provide airfare and accommodation for the president and dean only; all other faculty members are more than welcome to attend but must pay their own expenses. If you are interested, please fill out the registration form and return it to XMCEA.

Should you have any questions regarding the forum, you may contact Ms. Qiuying Chen of XMCEA, for further information.

Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you real soon.


Walter Yeh
President of AFECA


Invitation for Asian Universities MICE Education & Cooperation Forum 2017

Talents cultivation is essential to the convention and exhibition industry. Enhancing MICE education cooperation among Asian countries and regions will promote the development of convention and exhibition industry.

The Asian Universities MICE Education & Cooperation Forum can be a bridge of cooperation between Asian colleges and universities. Co-hosted by AFECA (Asia Federation of Exhibition and Convention Association), CCACE (China City Association of Convention and Exhibition) and Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs, guided by China National Tourism Administration Supervisory Committee, and organized by Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association and Xiamen University of Technology, The Asian Universities MICE Education & Cooperation Forum will be held from November 6th to 9th, 2017 in Xiamen at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Xiamen-Haicang.

The theme of this forum is "Person, Education, Cooperation and Development". The forum will be led by the Presidents of universities and the academic leaders of MICE education who are from 20 overseas colleges and universities, and 80 colleges and universities in China. The total scale is about 300 people. Furthermore, 2017 Straits MICE Forum, BRICS MICE Cooperation Forum, Directors of Asian MICE Bureau Forum will be held at the same time.

As one of the first MICE education cooperation forum in Asia, its purpose is committed to promoting the exchanges and cooperation of MICE education between the colleges and universities in mainland China and other Asia countries and regions. The forum will focus on curriculum settings, faculty and student exchange, combination education, standards formulation and scientific research. The forum will usher in a new era of cooperation in MICE education in Asia.

We sincerely invite the President of your university and the Dean of MICE department to attend the forum. A round trip tickets and accommodations will be provided for the President and the Dean. If the President cannot come, we will only provide the round trip tickets and accommodations for the Dean. We welcome other faculty members to attend the forum , but they should pay their own expenses.
Please send the registrant information form to us before September 30, 2017.

● Qiuying Chen, Mobile: 0086-139-5921-9000, Email:
● Xiangqi Tuo, Mobile: 0086-188-6003-3553, Email:

(Attachment 1: General Information
Attachment 2: Program of Asian Universities MICE Education & Cooperation Forum
Attachment 3: Registrant Information)

Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Association
Sep10. 2017

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